Post PC era, reality or marketing ploy?

5 Jan

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First of all it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything – I think life may have just gotten in the way. But as I sit here feeling those January blues on this dreadful Sunday evening, I thought to myself I would make my Sunday even worse by using my brain for something productive.

Now that I’ve got the happy introduction out the way, let’s move on!

Post-PC Era is a term used to describe the decreased PC sales in favour of mobile devices (tablets and smart phones). With the rise of tablets over the past years the Post-PC Era is a phrase that has been thrown around a lot, and every time it is mentioned I still feel as uncomfortable as the first time I heard it.

When I think of Post-PC, I envision a world where tablets replace PC’s. This scares me. To an average consumer, it’s great, their device does everything they need it to using a simplified operating system. But to a more advanced power user it’s a nightmare. As much as device manufactures want to promote their device and applications with user productivity in mind, I strongly believe that you can not get the same amount of productivity out of a tablet.

At the start of the tablet era, just before Apple announced the first iPad, I was hoping (more than anything) that it would come with a feature rich, fully functional operating system. Alas, it didn’t, and productivity in the early days of tablets wasn’t to be seen. I will give it some credit through,  with the addition of better suited apps it is much better than it was.

But even to this day I couldn’t use my iPad as a device for website programming, it is just not practical. I need a fully functional operating system will full versions of applications. There is still so much that a tablet restricts you to.

I have been through various iPads – I’ve had the iPad 2, iPad mini and iPad mini retina. Each time I have purchased one I have questioned over and over how it will fit into my life. I have a phone that does everything I need on the go, and my laptop that I use for all my more advanced tasks. I could never replace my laptop with a tablet so why do I need a one when my current devices do everything the tablet would?

I don’t think the full sized iPad is the way to go. After my iPad 2 I was very much ‘anti-tablet’, it was too big and bulky and I hardly used it. I could have just carried around my laptop instead. It was too big to play games, read books, or watch movies on. So when Apple released the iPad Mini, my interest in tablets resurfaced, and eventually I purchased one.

The iPad mini is fantastic for reading books, it’s about the same size as a book so it just feels natural. The screen on the retina makes the text look crystal clear too. It’s also brilliant for playing games as it’s lightweight and easy to hold, and watching TV no longer requires a gym membership to hold the device up for long periods of time.

Even after being happy with my iPad mini, there was still doubt in my mind. How will this fit into my life? Will I stop using my phone or laptop? I don’t want any of my devices to be redundant!

Now I think it’s key to really think how tablets have emerged and become so popular, so quickly. It’s provided easier accessibility to the internet for people who were reluctant to use a big scary computer. Any idiot can pickup a tablet and use it, they are intuitive devices, and this is where the majority of their market share comes from. However, for the more ‘techy’ folk, this isn’t a replacement device, it’s a new device completely.

I still use my laptop for the more advance tasks and I use my phone for simple tasks (like making phone calls!!!). My iPad seems to have flown right in and settled as a new device in its own right.

At work I now use my iPad for listening to music, my phone doesn’t hold all my music but with the extra 16GB I have on my ipad I can store all my music. The free Deezer app that I get with my contract is great on the iPad for streaming music too. It’s great for quickly replyin

It’s that interim device that I can use when I am not on foot, such as at work or on a train commute. It doesn’t replace my existing devices – it extends them. It may mean that I use my phone and laptop less, but, thats all for good reason.

Yes – It has taken me 4 years to finally fit a tablet into my lifestyle.
No – The Post PC-Era is not reality, its a marketing ploy. A Post-PC Era indicates a time after PC’s.  Mobile devices will not replace PC’s (completely), they will work alongside them for a long time to come.

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