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The case that gives you a new phone

22 Sep


That time of year has come and gone again – Apple’s flagship phone launch. Once again it left me in a state of flux.
I currently own an iPhone 5, it is a fantastic device and was a worthwhile bump up from my 4S last year. Despite having it changed a few times for a number of issues (one of which within the past week or so), Apple’s support system takes the pain out of any problem I have faced. In all cases I’ve been in and out the Apple Store within 30 minutes holding a brand new phone.

The day after iOS7’s release I had booked a genius bar appointment because of dust under my camera lens causing issues with my photos. The usual procedure whereby they tell me they don’t do repairs, they just replace the handset with a “service” (refurbished) model.

I was totally fine with this, but was faced with a dilemma. One day before the iPhone 5S launch I had two options:

  1. Sell my now, brand new, iPhone 5 and buy myself an iPhone5s
  2. Stick out my soon to be out of warranty iPhone5

When it came to release day I was still torn, I contemplated walking into the Apple Store in my lunch break and buying one, and worrying about the consequences later. When I got there they were sold out, and I’m kinda thankful in hindsight, in case I had impulsively brought one. I did, however, end up purchasing something that I do not for one moment regret. One of the new leather cases.


Regardless of if I had upgraded to the 5S, I already had my eye on these new cases. They are advertised as an iPhone5S case but they also fit the iPhone 5 perfectly. I have been waiting a long time for Apple to release a good, simple and smart case for the iPhone. It’s been long overdue and they have done a very impressive job. I’ve always liked the look of Samsung’s flip cases that you can now get for the Galaxy S, and surprised it has taken Apple so long to release a case to compliment their models.
Now I have a brand new iPhone 5 with a fresh new leather case that looks beautiful. I no longer feel as if my iPhone is last years model, it feels new again and the impulse to have the new one has faded. I can wait that extra 12 months for my contract to run out and I can get the iPhone 6.

The case is genuine leather with a suede inner to prevent the inside of the case scratching the phone. The phone sits in very snugly. I can imagine, being leather, that it will stretch the case after use so I plan to not take it out of the case too much.

The colour is a nice tan, looks great on black but looks even better on the white/silver phones. The colour you go for would be based on personal preference, tan is definitely my favorite. Colour will fade after use but this is not something I can review until a later date.


The 5S is a nice phone, but other than the TouchID feature (and the fact I want to switch to a white version), it is not worth an upgrade if you own a iPhone 5 already. The processor is a big jump from the 5, but, early reports in testing have shown very little difference in speed between the iPhone 5 and 5s. Navigating your way around the phones UI will feel a seamless and fast on the 5s as it was on the 5. There isn’t a massive difference in speed like there have been in past years, the speed difference between the 3G and the 3GS, and the 4 and the 4S were sometimes enough to warrant an upgrade. But not this year.

If you aren’t bothered about the dual-LED camera and better optics, or the TouchID technology (which works amazingly well, it is truly innovative, no other company has come close to implementing as well as Apple have), then don’t upgrade. Wait until the 6, which will have these features plus a lot more.

iPhone 5 owners, go grab yourself a new case and you’ll forget the iPhone 5S exists. You’ll be £200 better off too.


- DC